Beginners Guided Meditation

What better way to spend your Wednesday evenings?!  Price only £5.00!

Every Wednesday Evening from 7:15 - 8:30pm

Perfect for beginners, improvers or for advanced practitioners to practise as part of a group

Who is it for?

The evening is dedicated for beginners wanting to know more about meditation; the benefits, tips, skills, postures and breath.


The evening will lead each student to reach a deeper understanding of the subject, an introduction to the different skills as well as the chance to practice each exercise introduced from week to week.

What will I learn?

Each student will be taken back to the basics, learning how to relax the body and keeping the mind focused and alert. Learn how to still your mind from everyday thoughts; easing the ‘monkey chattering’ that many of us suffer from.


How will it benefit me?

Learning to meditate will allow your mind to experience the inner calmness, the inner joy, happiness and the deep peace that exists within stillness. To successfully reach this state of well-being will bring about an inner strength, confidence, a new ‘you’ to cope in the exhausting 21st century; distancing you from the surrounding constant fears and worries.


Attend our sessions for a perfect introduction to experience how your mind and body can come together in alignment, in peace, harmony and relaxation.


Meditation has an enormous health benefits like lowering blood pressure, decreasing tension, strengthening the immune system, slowing down the aging process all to name but just a few benefits. Joining a group is a perfect introduction to meditation.


What do I do?

Our sessions are informal. No bookings are required. This is your journey!


Doors open 6:55pm for a 7:15pm start


Make this commitment for a new you!!

We'd love to hear from you

61 Pownall Road

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